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CLAMP Fanfiction

Clamp Fics
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CLAMP Fanfiction

CLAMP Fanfiction is a community for posting and commenting on fanfiction of CLAMP's various works.

//The Rules//

:: No flaming or harrassment of the community members. If flaming does occur, that post will be deleted, and if it continues from the same person, that user will be banned from further posting to the community.

:: Since a wide range of fandoms are covered in CLAMP's works, please note that there will undoubtedly be yaoi and yuri abound, and respect other people's opinions on that matter.

:: Fanfiction-related posts only, please. There are other wonderful communities for general discussion of CLAMP manga, so we ask that you keep this one a place for fic-sharing. ;)

:: Finally, be kind, don't spam. If at all possible when posting multiple chapters of fan fiction, consolidate them into either one post (using links or otherwise) or post two chapters/one-shots a day. This is not to hamper your creativity but as many of the members of this comm are on other CLAMP related communities, it's easier on their friends page. After all, it's not like you can't get back on the community the next day with another two parts.

//Posting Guidelines//

For all fic posts to the community, please use the following format.

Pairing (if applicable):
Comments/Warnings: Please make a note if there are any spoilers or other possibly unsavory content to look out for. ^_~

Also, be sure to LJ-cut your story if it's directly in the post.

That said, have fun!

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